Interview with Vegeterian

Ivan Maisky, Saint-Petersburg, the founder and mastermind casinoi "Eat Fresh".

Why your business can be called ethical?

Ivan: We originally built our business model on position love for the world. We believe that every moment, every day spent in the quest to make the world better, soon will bring us to something truly beautiful and great.

Everyone has their own path, so we gather around ourselves people that we are on the way. In our team everything from office boy to the chef and adhere to the principles of ethical power. All our menu is 100% vegan. We participate in charity events to help homeless shelter cats. We are very pleased that in our city there are more ethical projects, and we are very pleased to recognize ourselves as a part of this great movement.

In addition to the ethical principles of nutrition, we adhere to the idea of harmonious development of personality. Our development depends on the condition of our body, and a huge role in this was played by the food which we feed. So we discovered the world is alive, healthy and incredibly delicious food.

Smoothie because of its liquid consistency, quickly absorbed by the body, and thanks to a rich composition, it is also a great nourishing product, rich in a huge number of useful vitamins and minerals. All our juices and smoothies do not contain harmful additives and animal products – only natural and natural ingredients. For example, the base for all smoothies is fruit juice or nut milk, and not water or ice, as often happens. We do not seek to dilute the vitamins with water, and do not believe in the myth that without it, the body receives too large a dose of vitamins.

How did you come to ethical business? What did you do before?

Before the opening casinoi I held a senior position in a construction company and was a typical office worker. But eventually I realized that working for money I can't. I wanted to do the thing that I get satisfaction that benefits the world. I planned a few ethical projects and the first of them was sazina "Eat Fresh".

By the time we opened, I was vegan for over 5 years, but still ate the junk food. There is a myth that vegan food is all useful. But it's certainly not the case. I, like many vegans, eating a lot of harmful fatty foods. For example, one of my favorite dishes were the falafel. We in St. Petersburg there are many places serving delicious falafel. But studying the question of power, engaging in spiritual practices and self-knowledge, I realized that it is a heavy food that doesn't make me better and happier.

Then I started to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink fresh juices and experiment with fruit, mixing them in a blender. So I realized that healthy food can be incredibly tasty.

In St. Petersburg cafe, the smoothie selection was very limited and what was offered was either with milk or with ice. Delicious and healthy smoothie with superfudge was very expensive.

In Russia, accustomed to thinking of a smoothie as a dessert, not a full product. So I have a goal to make this product available to change the paradigm of perception to the product, translate it from the category of "drinks and desserts" in the "daily consumption".

After I began to form a team, picking up close to me in spirit people, I realized that we in the city lives a huge number of great people who strive for the same goals that I do that as well as I would like to realize themselves for the benefit of the planet. Was incredibly difficult for me of the 30 lovely candidates to choose only 6. After all "Eat Fresh" is not only delicious and healthy smoothies, but also an opportunity for my associates to do what you love and useful.

What challenges have you faced in promoting your business?

As with many entrepreneurs, some problem for us is bureaucracy. But we are not accustomed to think of the criteria of problems, because they believe that the source of these changes in this world we are. We really appreciate and love our guests, we are able to attract incredible people who believe in us and help us from the very beginning of our project. Our guests are our inspiration. With such support for us is not terrible.


The smoothie recipe from the chef:

· arugula - 2 oz.

· banana - 130 gr.

· pineapple - 80 oz.

· avocado - 15 gr.

· spinach - 40 grams.

· orange juice - 180 ml.

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